HELP wanted: alignment programs?

nbr at ac.dal.ca nbr at ac.dal.ca
Thu Apr 30 08:16:56 EST 1992

I would like some information on sequence alignment
programs.  Specifically, I've been using Multalin to
align short, newly-sequenced DNA stretches to a much
larger consensus sequence.  I'm told that Multalin is
not the program of choice for doing this, and that perhaps
"R-Align" (spelling?) would be better.

Could someone direct me to an appropriate ftp server 
address for this program, or instead recommend something

I would prefer it to be DOS-based (not out of choice, but
because that's what we've got - DOS machines).  But since
I can occasionally access a Mac IIsi, anything in that
direction is appreciated as well. 

Many thanks!

Bruce Ramsey, Ph.D.
Marine Gene Probe Lab
Dept. of Biology
Dalhousie University
Halifax, N.S.

"nbr at ac.dal.ca"

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