bionic sources:-)

Robert Harper harper at FINSUN.CSC.FI
Thu Sep 19 10:08:55 EST 1991

This went to alt.wais but I suppose it is of interest to everyone who
is looking at WAIS. I should have a BioBit on Wais ready at the beginning of
next week with any luck. Look out for it in Bionet.general (bionews) and
Bionet.users.addresses (Bionauts)

******************** CLIP  CLIP  ****************************
As the list of sources gets bigger and bigger then I guess it will
become more and more difficult to find sources that appeal just to you.
Anyway since I will many be dealing with biological sources held on
nic.funet.fi I have included the word "bionic" in all the biological
sources on NIC... So if you give the command

sun4 /p/wais/database 116> waissearch -h nic.funet.fi -d INFO -p 210 bionic

 Search Response:
  NumberOfRecordsReturned: 10
   1: Score: 1000, lines:  33 'biobit.src   /p/wais/database/'
   2: Score: 1000, lines:  37 'biodocs.src   /p/wais/database/'
   3: Score: 1000, lines:  15 'compalgo.src   /p/wais/database/'
   4: Score: 1000, lines:  14 'emblsoft.src   /p/wais/database/'
   5: Score: 1000, lines:  15 'enzclass.src   /p/wais/database/'
   6: Score: 1000, lines:  14 'enzyme.src   /p/wais/database/'
   7: Score: 1000, lines:  16 'gbsoftware.src   /p/wais/database/'
   8: Score: 1000, lines:  14 'limb.src   /p/wais/database/'
   9: Score: 1000, lines:  14 'seqanalr.src   /p/wais/database/'
  10: Score: 1000, lines:  11 'toc.src   /p/wais/database/'

Note for example I get toc.src /p/wais/database
I suppose I should edit the INFO.src and change it to
toc.src  "Amos Bairoch's table of contents for bio-journals"
I did this for the biobit.src so that it has something sensible
to say opposite the source name instead of directory names.
Check it out with option 1...

Rob " we want something better than directory listings" Harper.

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