Clustal V: new version of Clustal available.

Des Higgins Des.Higgins at EMBL-HEIDELBERG.DE
Thu Sep 5 04:09:00 EST 1991

Clustal V: software for multiple sequence alignment now available from the
           EMBL file server.

The CLUSTAL package of programs for multiple sequence alignment has been 
completely rewritten in C and is now available from the EMBL file server.

The package quickly and flexibly aligns large numbers of nucleic acid or
protein sequences.   It is completely menu driven and on-line help is

Many new features have been added including:

- improved sequence input (automatically detect and read NBRF/PIR, FASTA and 
  EMBL/SWISSPROT formats); 

- a choice of 4 output formats (old Clustal, GCG .msf, NBRF/PIR and Phylip);

- phylogenetic trees after alignment using the Neighbor-Joining method of 
  Saitou and Nei with a bootstrap option to calculate confidence intervals;

- the ability to align old alignments with each other;

- a full command line interface;

- improved portability; with 1 change to 1 header file, the code will compile
  and run on the following systems:  IBM PC (Turbo C); VAX/VMS C; Apple Mac 
  (Think C); Decstation (Ultrix C) and Sun (Gnu C, but not the native Sun C).

To get the package, send a mail message with the following words: "help" and
"help software" on 2 lines with no quotes to the address:

                Netserv at EMBL-Heidelberg.DE

If you have any queries regarding the package, please mail Des Higgins at the
address:   Higgins at EMBL-Heidelberg.DE

Des Higgins and Rainer Fuchs
EMBL Data Library, Heidelberg, Germany.

Alan Bleasby
Daresbury, UK.

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