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Tue Sep 24 02:34:29 EST 1991

In <Sep. at genbank.bio.net> kristoff at genbank.bio.net (David Kristofferson) writes:

DK>This is done quite frequently on USENET.  The more I think about it,
DK>however, the less sure I am that we would want a parallel mailing list
DK>to something like this since there are e-mail servers already and we
DK>don't want to blast BITNET more than we already are 8-). For example,
DK>we do not have a mailing list for bionet.molbio.genbank.updates.  If
DK>all we're talking about is adding a USENET group without setting up
DK>mailing lists at the four BIOSCI nodes, we can establish this
DK>trivially and I'm not sure that we need to go through the usual BIOSCI
DK>voting procedure.

DK>I have also seen in some forwarded messages from Rob concern about
DK>viruses being propagated around.  Since UofH, IUBIO, and EMBL are
DK>already handling software and I presume checking for these, the group
DK>could be moderated and contributions would have to be funneled through
DK>the moderators (these groups would be the obvious choices).

Some thoughts:

1) A binaries/sources newsgroup should be moderated.
2) Files for the newsgroup should be check for viruses (MAC/MSDOS)
3) A starter kit of programmes for decoding should be posted
   to the newsgroup once a month, together with some general information.
4) distribution would only be through Usenet.
5) Bitnet mail distribution would not be catered for. (carrot and stick)
6) A newsreader like NN which has a decoder built into it would be highly
7) The newsgroup would esentially low volume.
8) Software for distribution to be droped off at nic.funet.fi
   in the /pub/sci/incoming directory.
9) A dependable, hard-working, honest, reliable, handsome, intelligent
   moderator needs to be found.


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