Availability of RESTSITE or equivalent?

Shan D Duncan duncan at convex.csd.uwm.edu
Tue Sep 17 09:38:19 EST 1991

This is being posted for a colleague looking for some software to
work with restriction site or fragment data.  Unix, PC, or Mac
would do.  They thought they had what they needed, In the phylip
manual 3.4 under the heading:

 "Other phylogeny program available elsewhere"

9. Joyce Miller offers a program called RESTSITE a program to
construct phylogenies from restriction site or restriction
fragment data.  It also includes programs to compute genetic
distances from restriction site or fragment data.

The address is listed as:

Department of Agronomy, University of Wisconsin, 1575 Linden
Drive, Madison, Wisconsin, 53706.

Upon writing then calling Madison, they had no idea of the
whereabouts of Joyce, much less a program called RESTSITE.

I've checked via archie but no listing appeared.

Any information would be appreciated, alternate programs to do
any of the above would be great.  Mainly they are looking for a
program to calculated genetic distances given restriction data.


-Shan Duncan
duncan at convex.csd.uwm.edu

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