BLAST shell available

Sun Sep 29 12:10:21 EST 1991

	GenBank now provides an email database searching service using the 
BLAST method. The BLAST server is similar to their Fasta server, but has 
the advantages of being 10 times faster while maintaining sensitivity, both 
strands of the query sequence are searched, and there is no restriction on 
the number of concurrent queries. Two disadvantages are that the BLAST 
databases are at present only updated quarterly (Fasta databases are 
updated daily) and the sequence is required to be in Fasta format, which is 
not a supported GCG format. To overcome the latter problem I have written a 
small GCG program called Tofasta which converts from GCG format to Fasta 
format. I have also written a DCL command procedure called Blastmail to
automate the process of submitting a query to the GenBank server. These
programs are available from the EMBL server (netserv at embl-heidelberg.de),
Dan Davisons's archive (menudo.uh.edu; /pub/gene-server/vms/blast-shell.txt), 
Don Gilbert's archive (ftp.bio.indiana.edu) and will probably be at Rob
Harper's archive in Finland soon (nic.funet.fi). 

Stephen Clark

clark at galen.oci.utoronto.ca   (Internet)
clark at utoroci                 (Netnorth/Bitnet)

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