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Dan Davison Davison at UH.EDU
Fri Sep 27 16:59:29 EST 1991

> In article <1991Sep24.193708.8514 at milton.u.washington.edu>, Stuy at milton.u.washington.edu writes:
>> I am looking for inexpensive or free DNA/Protein sequence
>> alignment programs for the Macintosh and would appreciate any suggestions.
> There used to be sequence alignment programs in the menudo and iubio servers
> but I have not found them when I looked recently. I am also looking for anon 
> ftp sites that have this stuff available

IUBIO should always be considered the first source for any FTP'able
software: I am tight on disk space for the next month or two.

There are alignment programs for the mac on both IUBIO and the
Gene-Server.  Threealign comes immediately to mind:

*    82190 Apr 27 10:32 three.hqx        Align three sequences

I don't have any others.

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