extracting SIGSEQ

Rob Harper harper at nic.funet.fi
Wed Sep 25 02:04:52 EST 1991

>Uudecoding the file on a 
>unix box results in SIGSEQ$.EXE. 

The programme is also on NIC.FUNET.FI I copied it to my home directory
and decoded it to give SIGSEQ$.EXE. This is a SELF-EXTRACTING PAK file.
The original no doubt came from EMBL.

>If I transfer it to a pc and run it, it 
>looks like it is pumping binaries to the screen. 

When you transfer it from the Unix box to the micro... if you use
Kermit then you have to remember to SET FILE TYPE BINARY and if you
do it with FTP from the UNIX machine to the PC then also set the BIN
option. Failure to do so screws things up. 

When the SIGSEQ$.EXE arrives at your micro execute SIGSEQ$.EXE
and it will automatically UNPACK the file for you... as it unpacks
you will get the file name appearing on the screen and then a "flashing
moving bar" as each file is extracted from the PAK archive. It will give
about 5-6 files and one of them will be SIGSEQ.EXE (this is the ACTUAL
programme that will work on your micro). Now execute SIGSEQ.EXE
and the programme will begin.

Rob "at your service" Harper

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