Mail replies only?

Wed Sep 25 17:40:46 EST 1991

Recently it seems that many people have posted requests for information and add
ed - " reply to me directly as I don't read this bboard."

IMHO most people who participate on these bboards keep an eye out for a
variety of software.  The bboard is a resource - one which is driven only by th
e participation of those who read it.  I have found this bboard quite useful an
d the participants extremely helpful and thus feel duty-bound to pass on any in
formation that I have to people who request it.  In fact sometimes I do an ARCH
IE search (or WAIS once I get it running) and pass along any information that I
find.  There are also some generous soles who tell us about all sorts of neat
t software available, how it works, what it's good for... Rob Harper comes to
mind as being  an incredible information resource who's latest achievement of
course has been to educate us all about WAIS. Now I know that there are times
when a private reply is more appropriate but in general I think we all learn
things from the answers to others posts.
The point is that this is a resource that works BOTH WAYS - if everybody read
but never responded it wouldn't be of much use.  If people request information
"for their eyes only" they;

1) Deny the rest of us information in which we might be interested  and
2) Openly admit that you want to receive information yet never give any in retu

Now I know I'm flaming a wee bit here but I also don't think it's too much to
ask for one to read the bboard for a week or two in order to see any replies to
their post.


danj at jhuhyg.sph.jhu.edu

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