Wed Sep 25 18:53:37 EST 1991

A week or two ago I posted a request for pd software which could search the
normal bio-databases, ENZYME, LiMB, REBASE, SEQANALRF....  This led to the
now (in)famous posting of REBSEARCH (mine was corrupted too), a suggestion
to use the Search command in VMS (which wasn't the idea - I know about search,
grep etc... - I wanted a real database system) and then ... silence.

Well since then the most obvious answer to most dbases is ---WAIS---.  Whether
you want to use on distant or local sources it seems that it'd do the trick and
is what I'll use once I get it running well (no X-windows makes it less of a us
er friendly beast).

For sequence databases the two systems I've found are SINDEX & EXTRACT(N/P)(whi
ch come with Bill Pearson's Fasta package) and ACNUC. ACNUC is a database syste
m that comes with Genbank already installed - comes in at a whopping 200Mbytes.
I haven't tried it yet but may if there's a need here.

Fasta is available by anonymous ftp at uvaarp.viginia.edu under public_access

ACNUC is available by anonymous ftp at biomol.univ-lyon.fr (
                                       (which is a nice little ftp site by the
Happy hunting,

danj at jhuhyg.sph.jhu.edu

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