Tree Drawing

Fri Sep 13 21:41:02 EST 1991

/Does anybody know of software which will plot phylogenic trees given the standa
/rd nested parenthesis tree data?  I'm generating the tree with the protpars pro
/gram from PHYLIP and plotting it with drawtree from PHYLIP however drawtree ten
/ds to print the name of one species on top of the other if the branch tips are
/close together.  It is an unrooted tree.

	I get around this problem with Drawtree by writing the output file 
in HPGL format with *no* labels, converting it to a vector drawing format 
with the ms-dos program Hijaak, reading it into a drawing program on the pc  
and adding the labels myself. I can also add figure titles and so forth at 
the same time. The dendrograms look great when printed on a laser printer. 
I don't have the address at hand of the people who make Hijaak, but if 
there is interest, I can get it in a couple of days.

Stephen Clark

clark at galen.oci.utoronto.ca   (Internet)
clark at utoroci                 (Netnorth/Bitnet)

"For what it is worth, many of the legends accompanying figures in this journal
are not very different, although we take some care to provide each sentence 
with a verb if the author has overlooked the need for one." -J.Maddox, Nature.

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