MATCH values for BLASTN

Foteos Macrides MACRIDES at wfeb2.bitnet
Wed Sep 11 11:06:00 EST 1991

        The GenBank BLAST Email Server uses defaults of 5 and -4 for parameters
M and N in blastn jobs.  These are described as follows in its HELP file:

     In blastn, M is the score for a single-letter  match;  N  is
     the  score  for  a  single-letter mismatch.  M and N must be
     positive and negative  integers,  respectively.   Given  the
     assumption  made  by  blastn that the 4 nucleotides A, C, G,
     and T are represented equally in the database, the  expected
     score for the query sequence must be negative.

M (but apparently not N) can be changed by providing a value for MATCH in the
job submission file.  What are the considerations and consequences associated
with changes from the default value of 5?


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