WAIS for VMS? and other questions

David Kristofferson kristoff at genbank.bio.net
Wed Sep 18 11:31:12 EST 1991

> 2. In a related question (or series of questions?), are any of the
>    following available via the internet and if not, when will they??
>         a. MEDLINE
>         b. Chemical Abstracts
>         c. Biologial Abstracts
>         d. Current Contents

Commercial use of the networks is still a matter of considerable
discussion.  Currently commercial companies can provide support to
non-profit customers over the Internet and poll them about features
which they would like to see in products, but that's about as far as
it goes.  There is a commercial alternative called "Alternet" which
companies can use.  I expect that the Internet regulations will
probably change over the next few years, but don't start dreaming that
one will be able to get any of the above for free, of course.

Dave Kristofferson

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