WARNING: uuencoded files through gateways

Foteos Macrides MACRIDES at wfeb2.bitnet
Sun Sep 22 16:52:00 EST 1991

>>recipients on BITNET receive postings though the gateway at City University of
>>New York (CUNYVM).  That gateway uses a non-standard ASCII to EBCDIC mapping
>>which mangles uuencoded files (and other files as well).

>This is a well known fact that files going from VAXES to IBM mainframes
>tend to get trashed... EMBL has adopted a UUENCODING scheme which includes
>a "Dumas table" at the head of the file, in some cases this solves the problem.

        I'm puzzled by the assertion of files transfered between VAXen and IBM
mainframes tending to get trashed.  We've never experienced such a problem.  I
thought the carat and tilde corruption problem was specific to particular
Internet/BITNET gateways.  We are a BITNET node, and a VAX, which gets its
genbank.bio.net Email via the CUNY gateway, and have that corruption problem.
However, most of our Internet Email is gated at MIT, and that gateway doesn't
corrupt carats or tildes.

        We've never had a problem with UUENCODED files from EMBL, I presume
because we use it's BITNET address and get the files entirely along a BITNET
chain.  I also presume that Internet sites use EMBL's Internet address, and
correspondingly get the files without having to cross a gateway.

        This is a carat: ^   This is a tilde: ~   Via what gateway did you get
this message, and what happened to those characters?


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