WAIS for VMS? and *other questions*

Wed Sep 18 12:52:05 EST 1991

> Date: Wed, 18 Sep 91 07:28 CDT
> From: Bruce Roe <BROE at aardvark.ucs.uoknor.edu>
> Hi fellow netters,

Bruce Roe asks:

> 2. In a related question (or series of questions?), are any of the
>    following available via the internet and if not, when will they??
>   a. MEDLINE
>   b. Chemical Abstracts
       ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^       Yes - for STN subscribers
>   c. Biologial Abstracts
>   d. Current Contents

For Chem. Abstract Services/STN account holders ...

Subject:  STN  ... news 2  ... internet
=> news 2

 NEWS  2  Aug 5  STN Now Available on the Internet

 STN International can now be accessed through the Internet.  The STN
 address on the Internet is  A telecommunications fee of
 $7.00 per connect hour will be charged.  STN continues to be
 available through the CompuServe network, Sprintnet, and BT Tymnet.

 Access to STN via Internet is available to all organizations that are
 hosts on the Internet through a regional network.  The Internet is a
 collection of regional networks interconnected by the NSFNET
 network.  The NSFNET network is operated by the National Science
 Foundation, and its use, therefore, is subject to the NSFNET
 acceptable use policy.  This policy limits use of NSFNET to research
 and instruction by academic institutions, not-for-profit
 institutions, and, under some circumstances, for-profit
 institutions.  Each organization that participates in the Internet
 agrees to abide by the NSFNET acceptable use policy and the
 acceptable use policy of their regional network.  Those interested in
 accessing STN through Internet should contact the network
 administrator of their organization or their regional network to
 determine if their intended use of STN fits within these acceptable
 use policies.

 For more information about the Internet, please contact the
 appropriate regional network or call OARnet, the Ohio regional
 network, at 614-292-8100.
[end of STN news 2]

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