Searching for program to identify consensus patterns.

Alden Hackmann darkstar at milton.u.washington.edu
Thu Sep 19 12:23:13 EST 1991

I'm looking for an anonymous ftp site which contains the programs
written by Hertz, Hartwell and Stormo, referred to in CABIOS 6 (2)
p. 81-92 (April 1990).  This/these program(s) identify consensus patterns 
in a set of unaligned DNA sequences.  The authors state in the article
that the programs are available from them, so I hope that there is an
ftp site for them as well.

Please reply by email to me, as I read this group infrequently.  My
apologies if I have committed any _faux_pas_ by asking this.

Alden Hackmann
darkstar at milton.u.washington.edu

University of Washington

PS If you know of other software that does the same thing, I'm interested in
that too.    A.H

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