BLAST output size

Foteos Macrides MACRIDES at wfeb2.bitnet
Fri Sep 13 00:32:00 EST 1991

>I would prefer to have output control built into the program by the
>folks at NCBI and have us access it purely by passing parameters.  If
>we start mucking with it here, we'll start having to deal with version
>control issues which I'd rather not take on at the moment.  Comments
>from NCBI on Steve's suggestions??
>Dave Kristofferson

        If suggestions for the next version of BLAST are being made, it would
be nice to have a compact list of sequences with indicators of degree of
homology (based on the probability values?), like that near the top of FASTA
outputs, and options for a potentially lengthy list of homologous sequences,
but a resticted number of alignments to be generated.  This might be a better
way to deal with e-mail size restrictions that just truncating the current

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