INFO NEEDED ASAP - GRATIS 3d modelling software

Ralph Hand ralphh at augeas.cs.athabascau.ca
Wed Sep 25 12:12:17 EST 1991

Right off I would like to apologise if I have posted this request to the
wrong group but I went through the list and these seemed to offer me the
most hope.  In any case all responses should follow through to 
comp.sources.wanted (about the only group I read on a regular basis).
Please reply by mail if at all possible.

On to the request.  I need information on what the software GRATIS is
capable of, where to get it etc.  Essentially any information the
vast reserves of knowledge in netland can offer on the subject.

GRATIS is a software package used in medical phyiscs (??) to do
3d modelling and visualization.  Medical imaging in other words.
If anyone has any iniformation they can pass on concerning this software
or others like it, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Ralph Andrew Hand
Development Analyst
Alberta Cancer Board
9707-110 Street (Sixth Floor), Edmonton, AB, T5K 2L9, Canada  
DESK: (403) 482-9394  FAX: (403) 488-7809

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