WAIS for non-Internet sites

Brewster Kahle brewster at THINK.COM
Wed Sep 4 12:58:43 EST 1991


The only think I can think of to do is use john currans interface on your
gateway machine so that you can telnet to that machine and use the wais
servers on the internet.

Currently john's interface is alpha test, but it might be ready.
here is his announcement:

From: John Curran <jcurran at NNSC.NSF.NET>
Subject: Simple Wais (swais) interface
Date: Sun, 28 Jul 91 01:08:30 -0400

The screen-mode WAIS interface that I have been working on is
now ready for alpha testing.  I am aware of several outstanding
problems, but am looking for feedback on the general interface and
interaction model at this time.

The "swais" (simple wais) program currently supports: 
   Selection of multiple sources for a query.
   Specification of keywords for query on screen.
   Itemization of resulting documents with attributes.
   Retrieval and display (via more) of any selection documents.
   Repeat current search specifying new keywords and/or sources.

It will soon support:

   Retreival of documents into a local file or to a filter program.
   Ability to select retrievied source descriptions in future queries.
   Scrolling source and document displays for >15 items.

As it is still young code, I'd prefer that people try it by telnet'ing
to hub.nnsc.nsf.net; username wais. Send any comments to jcurran at nnsc.nsf.net


I hope this is helpful.  When will the UK be really on the internet?


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