Virus checking on the UH Gene-Server

Dan Davison dbd at THEORY.BCHS.UH.EDU
Sun Sep 22 17:22:56 EST 1991

David Kristofferson recently wrote:

   I have also seen in some forwarded messages from Rob concern about
   viruses being propagated around.  Since UofH, IUBIO, and EMBL are
   already handling software and I presume checking for these, the group
   could be moderated and contributions would have to be funneled through
   the moderators (these groups would be the obvious choices).

I can't speak for any of the other sites but until recent I did NOT
check Mac or DOS software for viruses. I didn't have the time or disk
space. With the NSF funding this will change, plus I finally have a
Mac courtesy of my department. Once a disk is bought I will be able
to unpack and check all of the software on the Gene-Server. If viruses
are found I will immediately post a notice to this newsgroup.

dan davison

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