SUMMARY: carat and tilde corruptions

Foteos Macrides MACRIDES at wfeb2.bitnet
Mon Sep 23 16:20:00 EST 1991

        The responses I've gotten thus far indicate that my test message went
to genbank.bio.net (via the MIT gateway) and was distributed to USENET and
Internet sites without corruption of the carat or tilde.  BITNET sites which
received the message via the CUNY gateway had the expected corruptions.  No
other Internet/BITNET gateways were identified as causing problems.  BITNET-
node-to-BITNET-node chaining through CUNY (i.e., without crossing its gateway)
does not cause corruptions.

        Does everything from genbank.bio.net come back to the east coast and
go through the CUNY gateway before being distributed to BITNET subscribers and
the BIOSCI Listservers?  Can the genbank mailer itself designate a different

 Foteos Macrides           Worcester Foundation for Experimental Biology
 MACRIDES at WFEB2.BITNET     222 Maple Avenue, Shrewsbury, MA 01545

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