WAIS for VMS? and other questions

Wed Sep 18 07:28:00 EST 1991

Hi fellow netters,

	The recent discussion of WAIS has prompted the following questions:

1. Is there a WAIS client program available for VAX/VMS?
    In his earlier posting, Rob Harper suggested:
    * VMS servers and clients ask Jim Fullton (fullton at lambada.oit.unc.edu)
    maybe Jim or someone else could enlighten all of us??

2. In a related question (or series of questions?), are any of the
   following available via the internet and if not, when will they??

	b. Chemical Abstracts
	c. Biologial Abstracts
	d. Current Contents

   I know that the above are available in various forms, CD-ROM, disks, etc
   but with all the connectivity we have now-a-days would it be too much to
   ask that these databases coul be accessed via the internet?

Please post replies to "bio-software at genbank.bio.net" for everyone to read.

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