extracting SIGSEQ

Tue Sep 24 19:01:57 EST 1991


	I'm looking for a program that can predict the cleavage site  of 
signal peptides. In the DOS directory of Dan Davison's geneserver 
(menudo.uh.edu) I found the file sigseq.uue, which from the brief 
description in the index file looks like it might do what I want. It also 
mentions that it would unpack as  a tar.Z file. Uudecoding the file on a 
unix box results in SIGSEQ$.EXE. If I transfer it to a pc and run it, it 
looks like it is pumping binaries to the screen. If I redirect the output 
to a file called sigseq.exe, my patience wears out after 5 minutes, so I 
kill it and have a file of >100Kbytes. If I run that, I get the message 
"Program too big to fit in memory" (I have about 512K free).

	So, can anyone give me some tips on how I'm supposed to extract 
this program, or if there is another program around that will do what I 

	Thanks for any help.

Stephen Clark

clark at galen.oci.utoronto.ca   (Internet)
clark at utoroci                 (Netnorth/Bitnet)

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