Private responses on the network

Foteos Macrides MACRIDES at WFEB2.BITNET
Fri Sep 27 13:49:00 EST 1991

>/If a response is not of general interest, responding personally conserves
>/bandwidth, but most importantly it avoid the entire list having to spend
>/their valuable time reading a message not of interest to them (IMHO).

>I disagree, for three reasons.
>1. Public response ensures quality control. [...]
>2. Public response actually reduces network bandwidth and the time required
>of would-be respondants. [...]
>3. Who's to say what's of general interest and what's not?

        The activity on the bionet/BIOSCI forums is not "high volume" by
network standards.  There wouldn't be a serious problem (IMOH) if we decided
that anything motivated by a previous posting and intended for human reading
is of general interest.  Also, virtually all of the FAQ's in this particular
forum are of the sort whose answers merit updating w.r.t. the last time the
question was asked.


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