seqext and pepttr (Fickett's programs)

Hiroshige Mizuno mizuno at smlab.eg.gunma-u.ac.jp
Wed Sep 4 21:03:41 EST 1991

I am looking for a new version of seqext and pepttr which
can process the new GenBank feature table format.

These programs extract gene products and translate them 
into peptide sequences from GenBank formatted data.

The original versions of seqext and pepttr were programmed 
by Dr. Fickett of the GenBank. As a result of the format change 
of feature table last summer, these original versions of seqext and 
pepttr became obsolete.

I think that GenBank(IntelliGenetics) was using these programs to make
GenPept database.  The "README" file in the GenPept-new directory of 
anonymous ftp said
The revised Fickett programs are still being debugged, and once again,
there were unexpected formats that caused the programs to blow up. I am
working on finding and fixing the bug. When I am able to translate the
entries, I will put the translated entries into this directory.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

January 2, 1991


I want to know whether the revised Fickett's programs are still 
unavailable or not.

	"fickett" directory of anonymous ftp at genbank.bio.net
	includes the old version of the programs.


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