New version of Maligned available

Thu Oct 17 00:55:41 EST 1991

	A new version (v1.64) of Maligned is now available from your 
favourite archive of molecular biology software. (Maligned is a multiple
alignment sequence editor that runs on VAX/VMS systems.) This version
fixes a few bugs in the original release, and adds a couple of new features.
Also, by popular demand (at least one or two people suggested this), 
the docs are now available in these formats: ascii, PostScript, and 
WordPerfect v5.0. Finally, Malform, the program necessary to get output
on a PostScript printer, is bundled in with it.

	As always, I will be happy to help people with these programs if
they are having trouble, and definitely want to hear about bugs, but
be warned that I will be away for several weeks so I won't be able to 
get back to you right away. Perhaps not until December.

Stephen Clark

clark at galen.oci.utoronto.ca   (Internet)
clark at utoroci                 (Netnorth/Bitnet)

"For what it is worth, many of the legends accompanying figures in this journal
are not very different, although we take some care to provide each sentence 
with a verb if the author has overlooked the need for one." -J.Maddox, Nature.

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