NEWS simulation on BITNET nodes

Rob Harper harper at convex.csc.FI
Tue Oct 1 06:21:18 EST 1991

In <9109301503.AA00893 at genbank.bio.net> MACRIDES at WFEB2.BITNET (Foteos Macrides) writes:

>read NEWS, and do not know of one (i.e. a USENET node), I know of no official
>way of doing so.  However, one suggestion was to try connecting to BBN.COM via
>ANONYMOUS FTP and look through the directory uumap/comp.mail.maps to find a
>USENET node near you to contact.

Well it just so happens that we have put UUCP-maps as a WAIS "source"
on nic.funet.fi The dirty work was done by Petri Ojala.

So from you favourite Sun workstation you can now do

   waisearch -h nic.funet.fi -d UUCP-maps -p 210 bionet

and it will give you a score of 1000 on bionet.

sun4/csc/harper 38> waissearch -h nic.funet.fi -d UUCP-maps -p 210 bionet

 Search Response:
  NumberOfRecordsReturned: 24
   1: Score: 1000, lines:  33 '#N       bionet'

View document number [type 0 or q to quit]: 1
Headline: #N    bionet
#N      bionet
#S      Solbourne 5/800; OS/MP 4.0C (SunOS 4.0.3)
#O      GenBank Online Service
#C      Eliot Lear, Michael C. Berch
#E      usenet at genbank.bio.net
#T      +1 415 962 7323
#P      700 East El Camino Real, Mountain View, CA 94040
#L      37 23 10 N / 122 04 58 W
#U      ig rutgers agate uwmcsd4 ames apple sdsu arisia alc
#U      hayes.ims.alaska.edu ucselx.sdsu.edu
#R      genbank.bio.net [] on the internet
#W      mcb at presto.ig.com (Michael C. Berch) ; Thu Dec 20 23:15:37 GMT 1990
# Home of the "bionet.*" Usenet distribution and
# gateway for the bionet/BIOSCI distribution between
# USENET, Internet mailing lists, and European discussions.
# In addition to the #U sites above, we feed bionet.* to the following
# sites:
# ig uunet apple asylum uwmcsd1 nlm-mcs agate ucbvax arizona rutgers
# bglsun1 ames ncsuvx iuvax uni2 ames bloom-beacon transposon.lanl.gov
# snorkelwacker bmc1.bmc.uu.se news.cs.indiana.edu llustig nigsun
# stjude.org sun.udel.edu umigw.miami.edu gazette.bcm.tmc.edu
# jupiter.cs.wayne.edu
#bionet  .bio.net
#bionet =        genbank.bio.net
# Direct uucp connections:
#bionet  ig(LOCAL), orc(DEMAND), asylum(HOURLY), bglsun1(DEMAND),
        oracle(HOURLY), nigsun(DEMAND), westsci(DEMAND),
        mrspoc(HOURLY), alc(HOURLY)

Rob "get yourself a feed" Harper
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