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INFO-ZIP Digest             Thu, 3 Oct 1991      Volume 91 : Issue 273

Today's Topics:
             Public release of Portable ZIP (version 1.0)

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ZIP 1.0 (first public release!) is available via anonymous FTP from
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Date: Thu, 3 Oct 1991 16:07:54 -0700 (PDT)
From: Rich Wales <wales at CS.UCLA.EDU>
Subject: Public release of Portable ZIP (version 1.0)
Message-ID: <911003.230754z.11417.wales at valeria.cs.ucla.edu>

At long last, the first public release of Portable ZIP is ready.

If you are on the Internet, you can get ZIP 1.0 via anonymous FTP to
valeria.cs.ucla.edu (, in the directory "pub", as the file
"zip10ex.zip".  If you prefer, a compressed "tar" version is also in the
directory "pub", as the file "zip10ex.tar.Z".  Whichever version you
take, be sure to set "binary" as the file transfer mode, or you'll end
up with mangled garbage.

If you are not on the Internet, send e-mail to "info-zip-request" and I
will mail you a uuencode'd copy of "zip10ex.zip".  I will probably wait
for a week or so before doing this mailing, in order that I can send out
a single mailing to as many people as possible.

"zip10ex.zip" is an "export" version of ZIP 1.0; the encryption support
has been omitted.  A "domestic" version of ZIP 1.0 (with the encryption
stuff intact) will eventually be made available, once I've managed to
set up a modified FTP server that can distinguish between people on US
or Canadian sites (who will be permitted access to the "domestic" ver-
sion) and people from elsewhere (who won't).  Sorry about this, but I
feel I need to make a reasonable effort to comply with US export rules
that still put encryption software in a class with nuclear weapons.

Rich Wales <wales at CS.UCLA.EDU> // UCLA Computer Science Department
3531 Boelter Hall // Los Angeles, CA 90024-1596 // +1 (213) 825-5683


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