Protein charge vs pH; ISOELECTRIC pgm

Ted Shapin tshapin at beckman.com
Thu Oct 17 13:43:29 EST 1991

Can anyone help with this question?
>From: Jim Sternberg
>I have been using the GCG package for the protein database (NBRF),
>because for capillary electrophoresis I want to use the program
>ISOELECTRIC which calculates protein charge as a function of pH.  It is
>a nice program, but somewhat inflexible (in my hands). I would like to
>feed it an amino acid composition, or modify one it pulls out of the
>database, and then have it go through the calculation.  At present it
>only appears to work with amino acid compositions pulled from the
I am not familiar with this program.  I will submit your question
to the BIONET.SOFTWARE newsgroup and see if anyone has a response.

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