Running WAIS on Macs, PC's ?

nbr at ac.dal.ca nbr at ac.dal.ca
Wed Oct 23 14:35:52 EST 1991

In article <1991Oct23.163327.1728 at ac.dal.ca>, nbr at ac.dal.ca writes:
> As one relatively familiar with the IBM-compatible PC world, but unfamiliar with Macintosh computers, I would like to post this question:
> How is WAIS used on a Mac, and why (correct me if I'm wrong) can it not be used/run on PC's? 
> ram DNA Strider as run on a Mac!)
> Bruce Ramsey
> Marine Gene Probe Lab
> Dalhousie University
> Halifax, Nova Scotia
> Canada
As part of my previous posting was lost in the editing, I will state here that I was very impressed with the program DNA Strider demonstrated to me on a Mac.

Bruce Ramsey

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