IUBio archive moves

Don Gilbert gilbertd at sunflower.bio.indiana.edu
Thu Oct 31 20:24:05 EST 1991

			Update to Iubio archive.  

The archive, located at ftp.bio.indiana.edu, has moved to a new computer 
with the internet address of  This only affects a few
people who need this number.  Most of you use the name, ftp.bio... which
has not changed.

More about this archive...

                      IUBIO ARCHIVE FOR BIOLOGY

The IUBio Archive is an electronic archive of biology software and data.  
Molecular biology is the area of concentration, and it is also a
home for Drosophila research data.  It includes software for Macintosh, 
VAX-VMS, Unix, MS-DOS and any other important computer operating systems. 
Access to the archive is via anonymous FTP (file transfer protocol) programs 
that connect to computers on the Internet.

This IuBio Archive is on the Internet network of computers with the

The actual host computer and Internet number for this archive may
change.  The Internet address of the current Iubio archive computer

If your computer system is linked to the Internet, it probably has
an FTP program.  Each FTP program has it's own peculiarities, but
most follow a general syntax:
   ftp  ftp.bio.indiana.edu     -- connect to archive computer
   user: anonymous              -- log on to archive computer
   password: your e-mail address
   ? or help             -- general help for ftp

   cd  subdirectory      -- change to subdirectory 
   cd  ..                -- change to superdirectory  

   binary                -- use full binary transfer
   ascii                 -- use text transfer
   get  any.file         -- fetch a file from the archive
   put  my.file          -- put a file to the archive
                            (only for Incoming/ directory)
   bye                   -- close the connection

This archive uses Unix conventions and software.  *PLEASE NOTE*, all
commands and file names are CASE-Sensitive.  Mostly these are all
lowercase.  You will need to use your shift key some places, like 
"Incoming" and "Readme".    

As of Nov 1991, the archive has moved to a computer called
Fly.Bio.Indiana.Edu.  Through the Bloomington Drosophila stock
center, NSF's Division of Instrumentation and Resources has provided
the funds for a Sun Sparcstation to function as the fly community's 
database server, and also to host the public IUBio archive.


I would like to thank all of the hard working and often
under-acknowledged authors who have contributed their software
and data collections to this and other public archives.  It is
they who deserve credit for what this and other public archives
mean to you and your ability to do your work.

Any program or database that is publicly available is published.
If the author does not have a paper publication that you can
cite in your works that use these, I recommend this form:

  Doe, John, 1991*.  (Insert title of software or database).
  Published electronically on the Internet, available via
  anonymous ftp from ftp.bio.indiana.edu.%

* If no date is given explicitly, use the file dates.
% Substitute the name of the archive you obtained it from.

You need not cite this archive for files you obtain here,
however you may consider it equivalent to a paper journal
or book in some ways.  It is certainly an information
resource.  The proper citation for this public archive is:

  Gilbert, D.G., 1989.  IUBio archive of molecular and general
  biology software and data.  An Internet resource available
  via anonymous ftp to ftp.bio.indiana.edu.

                                    -------------- Don Gilbert
Don Gilbert                                     gilbert at bio.indiana.edu
biocomputing office, biology dept., indiana univ., bloomington, in 47405

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