tektronic emulation in kermit

Arenas, Jaime arenas at juliet.caltech.edu
Mon Oct 21 18:44:00 EST 1991

To the discussion about emulation of tektronics in with kermit 3.11 in PC's
I like to add that I normally view gcg graphic output from the vax by 
switching among various emulations indicated in the lower bar of the kermit
screen. The switch key is ALT-   That is ALT and hyphen   (not minus). This
will toggle vt102 and other three emulations including tektronics. When the
tektronic screen is obtained the screen is completely cleared and only the
cursor is left in the upper right corner. This work even in HERCULES systems.
Do not forget to direct the output of your program to the terminal before
running your program.

Jaime Arenas

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