Rob Harper Rob.Harper at CONVEX.CSC.FI
Sun Oct 13 05:42:37 EST 1991

I have had considerable interest show in the ZIP archiving utility
for UNIX, and also the UNZIP counterpart. He are instructions
on how to get the programme via E-mail. I post this to bio-software
instead of replying to everyone individually.
************************* CLIP ******************************
Now that the Portable ZIP and UNZIP programs have been uploaded to the
SIMTEL20 archive site (WSMR-SIMTEL20.ARMY.MIL, at White Sands Missile
Range in New Mexico, USA), I must request that people who need copies of
these programs via e-mail use the existing "mail server" facilities as
described below.

(Yes, Keith Petersen was rehired, the SIMTEL20 archives are back in
operation, and both ZIP and UNZIP are available there.)

PLEASE DO NOT send any more requests for ZIP or UNZIP via e-mail to
info-zip-request at CS.UCLA.EDU.  I have a few more of these requests in my
queue, and I'll honor them, but no more after that batch.

Here's a brief description of the mail servers linked to SIMTEL20:

If you do not have Internet FTP access, you can get copies of ZIP and/or
UNZIP via e-mail by sending a message to one of the following addresses:

	listserv at vm1.nodak.edu    or    listserv at vm.ecs.rpi.edu

Include one or more of the following commands as the body of your e-mail
message.  DO NOT put the command in a "Subject:" line (it won't work).
DO NOT include a "signature" or other free text in your message (it'll
confuse the LISTSERV program that interprets the commands).

    To get ZIP (version 1.0):
	    /pdget mail pd:<misc.unix>zip10ex.zip uuencode
    or      /pdget mail pd:<misc.unix>zip10ex.tar-z uuencode

    To get UNZIP (version 4.1):
	    /pdget mail pd:<misc.unix>unzip41.tar-z uuencode

"zip10ex.zip" is a ZIP archive (so you'll need UNZIP to use it).  The
files with names ending in ".tar-z" are compressed TAR archives; change
the end of the file name to ".tar.Z" and run "uncompress" on it to cre-
ate a TAR archive which you can then use TAR on.

Be careful to copy the command exactly as shown, including the initial
slash (which should be the very first character of the line).  You can
use either upper-case (capital) or lower-case (small) letters.

If you are on BITNET, you can issue these requests via the TELL command
instead of via e-mail.  The node names for the LISTSERVs are NDSUVM1 and
RPIECS, respectively.  For example:


Once again:  Due to time constraints, I can no longer handle any e-mail
requests for the ZIP and UNZIP programs.  If you cannot FTP them, please
use the above method for getting them by mail.  PLEASE DO NOT send any
more requests for files via e-mail to info-zip-request at CS.UCLA.EDU; I
will respond to all such requests from now on by referring people to the
above information.

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