Rob Harper harper at NIC.FUNET.FI
Sun Oct 13 06:04:26 EST 1991

Subject: Re: FTP2UK21.INF - SIMTEL20 by ftp from UK JANET sites
Organization: Finnish University and Research Network (FUNET)

The UK has finally joined the real world. Here are some useful tips
and hints for users in the UK on getting the best out of ftp.

********************  CLIP  ********************
In <10571 at vela.acs.oakland.edu> bsrdp at csv.warwick.ac.uk 
(Hylton Boothroyd) writes:

> I have uploaded to SIMTEL20:

> pd1:<msdos.info>
> FTP2UK21.INF    SIMTEL20 by ftp from UK JANET sites

> How to get MSDOS directory listings and files from SIMTEL20 to sites on
> the UK JANET network via:
>   * the FTP interface at   uk.ac.nsfnet-relay.sun
>   * direct FTP, at selected JANET sites only, including automated FTP
>   * the FTP file collection service at   uk.ac.ft-relay

> Brief guidance on alternatives to FTP from SIMTEL20:
>   * the UK archive at Lancaster;
>   * the mirror at Imperial College in London;
>   * the email service from TRICKLE servers in Europe;
>   * FTP from selected non-UK mirrors.

> Oriented to unix hosts.  Replaces FTP2UK20.INF

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> Warwick Business School Janet:    h.boothroyd at uk.ac.warwick
> University of Warwick   Internet: h.boothroyd%warwick.ac.uk at relay-nsfnet.ac.uk
> COVENTRY, CV4 7AL       Uucp:     h.boothroyd at warwick.uucp
> Phone (+44) 203 523523  Earn/Bitnet: h.boothroyd%uk.ac.warwick at UKACRL

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