Need ZOO for MS-DOS..

Don Gilbert gilbertd at sunflower.bio.indiana.edu
Tue Oct 29 09:42:56 EST 1991

I am currently looking at the new multi-platform ZIP as a good
standard file archiver for all common computer systems.  It seems
to support all command-line systems.  It may or may not yet support
Macintosh (and other event-loop systems).

Source for the new multi-platform Zip, it's companion program Unzip,
and for ZOO version 2.10 can be found at many ftp archives, including
ftp.bio.indiana.edu, currently in the Incoming/ folder:
-rw-r--r--  1 gilbertd 200        116165 Oct 16 00:07 unzip-4.1.tar.Z
-rw-r--r--  1 gilbertd 200        186591 Oct 16 00:07 zip-1.0-export.tar.Z
-rw-r--r--  1 gilbertd 200        246115 Oct 16 00:07 zoo-2.10.tar.Z

At the archive wuarchive.wustl.edu, see the packages/compression/ folder  
(these are in unix standard tar + compress formats).

These source archives include instructions for building the programs
on all the common command-line systems if you have a C compiler. I
will probably start collecting ZIP executables for the various systems
				-- Don
Don Gilbert                                     gilbert at bio.indiana.edu
biocomputing office, biology dept., indiana univ., bloomington, in 47405

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