A cynic's review of WAIS

David Steffen steffen at mbir.bcm.tmc.edu
Fri Oct 11 12:46:58 EST 1991

David Kristofferson writes:
>I am still in the midst of database release work but I wanted to get a
>comment out before this item gets too stale.
>Having known David Steffen for several years, the title above has to
>be a misnomer.  David couldn't possibly be a cynic (unless one takes
>Webster's definition from the old school of Greek philosophy "an
>adherent or advocate of the view that virtue is the only good and that
>its essence lies in self-control and independence" 8-) ... interesting
>how we "cynics" pervert the meaning of words in the 20th Century).

I am preparing two responses to this (very friendly) message, but I
wanted to quickly respond to this one point.

Gosh, I must be a net.rarity; someone whose electronic persona is more
benign than his real one.  (Dave & I have met face-to-face only once
so our friendship is electronic).  Ask my family; they will tell you
that I am a cynic of the worst modern sort!

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