WAIS: do you care?

schalkwy at ac.dal.ca schalkwy at ac.dal.ca
Tue Oct 8 11:56:05 EST 1991

In article <7900 at gazette.bcm.tmc.edu>, steffen at mbir.bcm.tmc.edu (David Steffen) writes:
> I (foolishly) continue to play with WAIStation on the Mac, and
> continue to learn things.  (My bottom line judgement remains the same,
> however; this is still a fun demo, but not yet a tool worth the effort
> to learn.)
> Would anyone be interested in the continuing saga of what I learn, or
> should I practice my secret shame in private?
> -David Steffen-

I care, it sounds exactly like my experience, except that
I didn't persist as long.

Leo Schalkwyk
Department of Biochemistry
Dalhousie University

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