ZIP (was Re: Need ZOO for MS-DOS..)

Foteos Macrides MACRIDES at WFEB2.BITNET
Tue Oct 29 13:21:00 EST 1991

>Source for the new multi-platform Zip, it's companion program Unzip,
>and for ZOO version 2.10 can be found at many ftp archives, including
>ftp.bio.indiana.edu, currently in the Incoming/ folder:
>-rw-r--r--  1 gilbertd 200        116165 Oct 16 00:07 unzip-4.1.tar.Z
>-rw-r--r--  1 gilbertd 200        186591 Oct 16 00:07 zip-1.0-export.tar.Z
>-rw-r--r--  1 gilbertd 200        246115 Oct 16 00:07 zoo-2.10.tar.Z
>At the archive wuarchive.wustl.edu, see the packages/compression/ folder
>(these are in unix standard tar + compress formats).
>These source archives include instructions for building the programs
>on all the common command-line systems if you have a C compiler. I
>will probably start collecting ZIP executables for the various systems
>Don Gilbert                                     gilbert at bio.indiana.edu
>biocomputing office, biology dept., indiana univ., bloomington, in 47405

        For VMSers, Hunter Goatley has written an on-line help library module
and included it in his distribution.  See his message, below.


 Foteos Macrides           Worcester Foundation for Experimental Biology
 MACRIDES at WFEB2.BITNET     222 Maple Avenue, Shrewsbury, MA 01545

Date: 29-OCT-1991 00:21:44
Description: Portable Zip and UnZip for VMS available

So now you're thinking to yourself, "When is this guy gonna shut up?"

The portable ZIP v1.0 was posted to comp.binaries.misc in UNIX .shar format.
I unshar'ed them, compiled them, wrote VMS on-line help for them, and have
made them available from WKUVX1.

ZIP is a file compression and archiver program frequently used under MS-DOS.
Portable ZIP runs under UNIX, MS-DOS, OS/2, and VMS.

As I've created it, the package includes the C sources for ZIP *and* UNZIP
(from the INFO-Zip group).  The only thing I did was add ZIP.RNH and
UNZIP.RNH (RUNOFF source files for the on-line help) and repackage them
together using VMS_SHARE.

For those of you without C compilers, I've also created a package of the
ZIP and UNZIP .EXE files for VMS.  They were linked under VMS v5.1.  You
can get any of the packages by sending e-mail with a body of one or more of
the following lines to FILESERV at WKUVX1.BITNET:

        SEND ZIP-UNZIP                  (ZIP and UNZIP sources)
        SEND ZIP_EXE                    (ZIP and UNZIP .EXEs)
        SEND FILESERV_TOOLS             (Needed to unpack ZIP_EXE)

Just thought I'd make it easier for VMS sites to get these....

Hunter Goatley, VAX Systems Programmer, Western Kentucky University
goathunter at wkuvx1.bitnet, 502-745-5251

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