MacIntosh Video RFLP Digitizing Analysis

nmodena at unity.ncsu.edu nmodena at unity.ncsu.edu
Tue Oct 22 20:57:36 EST 1991

                                October 22, 1991

Looking for advice from the Network:

Re: RFLP Video-imaging Setup and Use

We have ordered:
        MacIntosh FX computer 
                16 Mb RAM
                160 Mb Hard Drive
        Optical Drive for Mass Storage
        19" Sony Trinitron Monitor
        JVC TKH70 Still Image Video Camera
        RasterOps 24XLTV Quick Capture Card

Our purpose is to capture, store and transmit RFLP radiographs
for analysis here and in other labs working, in particular, on
Maize Genome Mapping and Genetic Analysis (but not restricted to
maize knowledge only).

Looking for suggestions and experiences using this equipment and
similar in electrophoretic gel analysis.

Hints and kinks welcome!

Data storage, retrival, compression and transmission wisdom.

FTP sites with FAQs, appropriate software, etc.

And anything else I forgot to mention that you think it is worth 
knowing about.

On behalf of:   Paul Sisco
                Crop Science Department
                1250 Williams Hall
                North Carolina State University
                Raleigh, NC  27695-7620        
                tel. (919) 515-2704

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