Lines into Canadian Archie

Robert Harper harper at FINSUN.CSC.FI
Mon Oct 21 13:23:34 EST 1991

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>From: moraes at cs.toronto.edu (Mark Moraes)
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>Subject: Re: New ARCHIE available
>Message-ID: <91Oct21.114229edt.1164 at smoke.cs.toronto.edu>
>Date: 21 Oct 91 15:42:48 GMT
>References: <1991Oct7.165455 at thuja.gsfc.nasa.gov> <1991Oct17.152350.6786 at sura.net> <1991Oct19.073352.16676 at nntp.uoregon.edu> <1991Oct19.224958.19838 at sura.net>
>Organization: Department of Computer Science, University of Toronto
>Lines: 12

jmalcolm at sura.net (Joseph Malcolm) writes:
>                     Since the last I heard of Canada's connectivity was
>that they only had 56kb lines, they'd probably appreciate you using the
>one here...

We would, we would!  A big thank-you to the folks at SURANET for
putting up the service.

PS: A 112Kbps line from Montreal to Princeton bears most of the brunt
of the archie impact.  There's a 224Kbps line from Toronto to Ithaca
and a 56Kbps link from Vancouver to Seattle.  Most CA*net and regional
internal connectivity is 56Kbps.

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