Oligo in the 'correct' sense

Mark Dalton mwd at shamu.cray.com
Wed Oct 2 19:03:08 EST 1991

This is the message I received:

We don't do much but search for surprise homologies to the sequences that
will be used to make oligos for in situ hybridizations.

One thing that always spooks me is being sure that my oligos are the
correct 'sense'.  The searches we do are sometimes equivocal regarding
the nature of the sequence.  When derived from reverse-transcribed mRNA,
sequences are usually in CGAT format even though they contain U's and
represent the inverse complement of the transcribed sequence.  Any
conventions I don't know about that might lower the risk of synthesizing
the inv.comp. to what I really want?

If anyone could help me with this I would appreciate it.


Mark Dalton
User Consultant

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