Thu Oct 17 07:33:00 EST 1991

Greg Niemi writes,
=> Does anyone know if there are updates for the DNA sequence analysis programs
=> Nucaln and Prtaln for the IBM? Our lab uses these programs quite often and find
=> them not very user friendly. The authors of the programs are D.J. Lipman and
=> W.J. Wilbur who once worked at:
=> Mathematical Research Branch
=> Bldg 31, Rm 4B-54
=> (301) 496-4325
=> I called this number and the person who I talked to hadn't heard of them.
=> They have probably moved since the program was written. The program is  
=> over 5 years old because we've had it at least that long so hopefully a
=> new version should be out by now that is easier to use.
=> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
=> -- Greg Niemi

Nucaln and Prtaln were the original nucleotide and protein alignment programs
written by Wilber and Lipman.  These first generation programs were replaced
by the Lipman and Pearson programs and improved further by the programs
presently available in Bill Pearson's FastA package.  Probably Bill can
comment further but it is my recollection that programming improvements have
made the Nucaln and Prtaln programs obsolete because they are sooooo slooooow
and the newer programs are much faster.

Cheers.........bruce roe

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