Gene Construction Kit

Doug.Eernisse at UB.CC.UMICH.EDU Doug.Eernisse at UB.CC.UMICH.EDU
Tue Oct 1 10:47:26 EST 1991

 In article <1991Oct1.112251.6589 at polaris.utu.fi> tomakela at cc.helsinki.fi h
 (Tomi Mkel) writes:
 >I have seen a demo of a plasmid construction program called Gene Construction
 >Kit. Now I would like to find out
 >1) is it as good as it looks from the demo ?
 >2) where can it be obtained from
It really is an amazing piece of software. It is very elegant at
doing what it is intended for, and is supported by an excellent
online help facility.
Try: Textco at 603 -643-1471
Doug Eernisse
Doug_Eernisse at ub.cc.umich.edu

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