Human Skeleton ClipArt Wanted

Michael S Sellberg sellberg at IASTATE.EDU
Fri Oct 25 15:28:15 EST 1991


I am trying to obtain clipart graphics libraries that contain the human 
skeletal system.  I use Micrografx Designer and the clipart supplied with
the package has very good frontal views of the human skeleton.  However, I 
need side views of the skeleton - particularly the lower extremity, i.e. 
pelvis, femur, patella, tibia, fibula, and the bones of the foot.  I am also 
interested in obtaining front, side, and rear views of the muscles of the
lower extremity. 

I prefer vector graphics of some sort - preferably compatible with Windows 3.0
Does anyone know where such a library might exist? I prefer free sources, but
I am willing to pay for a good skeletal library. 

Does anyone know who makes the clipart for Micrografx?  I have seen companies
such as 3G Graphics, Inc. and T/Maker publish quite a bit of stuff in EPS.  
Does anyone know if they publish skeletal clipart?  How about addresses for 
these companies?

Since I do not read this bulletin board regularly, please email responses to 
below address.  I will summarize the responses and repost.  Thanks in advance.

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