WAIS sources on NIC ( How to get them on your MAC )

Rob Harper harper at nic.funet.fi
Thu Oct 17 10:41:57 EST 1991

Here are some instructions to help you utilize the "bionic" sources
on nic.funet.fi

		PART I Making the bioinfo source

1) Click on the Wais station icon to start the WAIS programme on the MAC
2) Click on SOURCE from the main menu and open a a NEW SOURCE.
3) The cursor will be in the DATABASE field. Enter the name embnet/bioinfo
4) The CONTACT field has LOCAL in it. Click this box and change it to MACTCP
5) A dialog box will open with the cursor in the address field. Enter the
   name nic.funet.fi The port is 210 and this does not need to be changed.
6) Click OK to save these defaults.
7) Go to the FONTS and click on GENEVA and change the font to COURIER
   This font is best if you want to preserve tabs and spacing.
8) Click on the "number of documents" and change it to 50
9) Click the radio button on the top left hand corner and save this
   source as bioinfo on nic.
10) Once it has been saved it will appear in the SOURCES dialog box.

		PART II  Using the bioinfo source to get more sources.

1) Open up a NEW QUESTION from the main menu and drag the "bioinfo on nic"
   icon into the QUESTION-1 window and place it in the "In these sources" box.
2) The cursor is blinking in the "Look for documents about" box. Type in the
   word harper and click on the RUN button. A listing of the "bionic" sources
   will appear.
3) Double click on the infogcg.src and all the relevant details concerning
   the infogcg source will be loaded into a "new source" dialog box.
4) Modify the fonts and number of documents to your liking and click the radio
   button to save the source.
5) When asked for a name save the source as infogcg on nic, and it will now
   appear in the sources box.
6) Repeat the proceedure for any of the other "bionic" sources that might
   interest you, and they will appear in the sources box.
7) Once you have a list of these new sources showing in the source box,
   you can open up new questions and drag the new sources into the 
   "In these sources" box and write your keywords in the 
   "Look for documents about" box.

That's it... Good luck

Best regards  -=ROB=-
   Rob Harper                     /   E-mail:          Harper at convex.csc.fi    
   Finnish State Computer Centre  /   Molbio/software: Harper at nic.funet.fi
   P.O. Box 40, SF-02101 Espoo    /   Telephone:       +358 0 457 2076
   Finland                        /   Fax:             +358 0 457 2302

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