New archie available.

Rob Harper Rob.Harper at CONVEX.CSC.FI
Thu Oct 17 11:04:41 EST 1991

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>Subject: New ARCHIE available
>Summary: Archie Server now available in US
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>Date: 17 Oct 91 15:23:50 GMT
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>Organization: SURAnet Operations Staff
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The archie service which has been provided by archie.CS.McGill.CA
is now available on archie.sura.net.  All three methods of lookup are
supported (telnet,client,mail-request).  We would strongly encourage you
to utilize the client software.  If you do not have such software, it is
available on ftp.sura.net /pub/archie/clients. Email request should be
sent to archie at nic.sura.net.  Due to resource constraints mail request sent
to any other address will be dropped into the bit bucket.  Please mail
archie-admin at sura.net with bugs or suggestions.  I would also like the
thank the creators of archie both for implementing such a worthwhile
idea and for their assistance in getting it up and running here.

Brad Passwaters                                 (301)(982-3214)
SURAnet Operations                              bjp at sura.net

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