Digitizing ink graphs back into numerical data ?

eyring at cc.utah.edu eyring at cc.utah.edu
Tue Oct 8 07:47:44 EST 1991

Digitizing ink graphs back into numerical data.

We have some data plots that are only available to us in hardcopy.
We need to be able to get the raw values of the data into numerical
format so we can integrate the data into our flight simulator.

Does anyone know of any software that might help with the digitization

We tried digitizing the ink plots by hand but the resolution to too poor.
We have access to an optical scanner, so we can scan the graphs into
a TIFF graphics format and even convert it too almost any other kind
of graphics format.  What we would really like to have is some software
that would help take the graphs, once they are in some format, and digitize
them into their numeric values.

We could write software to do this, but this sounds like something someone
might have worked on before.  Any ideas ?

>Bob Witmer
>Eyring Corp., Flight Simulation Division
>Salt Lake City, Utah
>eyring at cc.utah.edu

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