Scanners for autorads

Dennis J. Templeton djt2 at po.CWRU.Edu
Thu Oct 10 13:37:24 EST 1991

This is obviously a question about hardware more than software...

We are looking for a way of using a gray-scale scanner to capture images
from x-ray film (i.e. autoradiographs) for use in making medium-quality
slides and figures.  I expect that 8 bit gray and 400 dpi will be adequate
for our purpose.

The real question I have is, how good are flatbed scanners (made to
capture images on a white paper background) at capturing images from film? 
A scanner that illuminated the film and captured the _transmitted_ image
would seem ideal, but I have never seen any of these.  I have found that
most films are copied poorly on a xerox, and would expect normal scanners
to have similar problems.

Does anyone have a lot of experience with this?  I am hoping for
recommendations for which model scanner to try first, or possibly for a
different approach that has been successful for others.  We need to
interface with our Mac system.

Thanks for your suggestions...

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