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Thu Oct 3 14:04:00 EST 1991

>   Does anybody know about a place where I will be able to do TFASTA searches?
>I think netservers at EMBL and GENBANK and also GENIUS cannot do that type of
>search.  I have never used TFASTA but what is its advantage compare to the
>regular FASTA?  When should someone use FASTA or TFASTA?
>Denis Tang

        If you submit a protein sequence to FASTA at genbank.bio.net and use the
translated databases, that is in effect a TFastA, though not every nucleotide
sequence has be translated:

   Designator                  Database
   ----------                  --------
   GenPept/all                 Translated protein reading frames from
                               the latest GenBank release.  Note that
                               GenPept contains translations only of
                               reading frames that are explicitly
                               mentioned in the GenBank sequence entry
   GenPept/new                 Translated protein reading frames from
                               GenBank daily updates (translated from


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