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Graeme Newell gnewell at deakin.oz.au
Mon Oct 14 21:48:11 EST 1991


I am new to the network, and in particular to these newsgroups.  I have
recently received a small amount of money, and therefore time, to develop some
software for the teaching of second year level Physiology to both Science and
Nursing students at my University.  The problem is that the software that I
have seen so far is limited to really drawing graphs/demos of typical
Physiology practicals.

I have some ideas that I want to try out using Hypercard,  and also with a new
system in the School using a videograbber, scanner, Pagemaker and AUTHOR (v

The questions/problems I have are these:

Is there anyone who has had some experience with using Hypercard to create
computer based tutorials for students, or know of any stacks that I could have
a look at to see whether they might work in these circumstances?

Is there anyone who has had some experience with Author, and what are it's
benefits and downfalls?

Where can I get some new computer based teaching materials that provide a bit
more interest to the students, rather than just a simple graph and no

E-mail replies would be good, and I will post a summary depending on the

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Biological Sciences
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Victoria, Australia.

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